Easter Blog


With the physical senses straining to convince everyone that evil is real and has the power to spread and control, to deceive and silence God’s creation, this Easter message is exactly what we need today and everyday!

One of my favorite stories is the account of a pastor in Communist Russia when it was called the USSR.  Everyone was controlled by the government and had lost all their freedoms.  Worse, the churches had all been closed down.  One pastor asked the local Communist official if he couldn’t possibly meet with his congregation one more time (it was about this time of year).  The official agreed on condition that the Pastor would allow him, the Communist official, to speak first.  They were given one hour to meet together.  

The Official began by talking to them about the absurdity of believing in God or thinking that their prayers had any power.  He ended up speaking for so long that when he finished, there were only a few minutes left in their alloted hour.  The Official apologized profusely for having taken up so much of their time (although he knew what he was doing).  

The Pastor said it was no problem.  He stood up before his congregation and proclaimed, “HE IS RISEN!”  The entire congregation stood up and echoed, “HE IS RISEN!” and they all left, having heard the only message they needed to hear!  

When the Berlin Wall came down not long after, a Communist official remarked that they were ready for everything except candles and prayers.   

This Easter message of resurrection proving there is no death, no life in matter, only infinite, everpresent spiritual Life—in spite of what had seemed to be overwhelming sense testimony that evil had succeeded in killing Christ Jesus—is totally unique to Christianity and is the gift of the Christ to humankind.  Love had triumphed over hate, Spirit over matter, Good over evil, Truth over corruption, Life over death.

Christianly scientific prayer is effective to overthrow this mesmeric imposition of a material view of man and creation.  We are not praying to stop a virus or get rid of something evil.  Our prayers are rejoicing in the Truth that Good is the only reality that ever existed, and evil is a powerless illusion.  We are rejoicing in Spirit’s allness and our oneness with God. We are rejoicing in divine Love’s unfailing care for all and divine Mind’s omnipotent government of the universe.  

Why can we rejoice in these truths?  Because “HE IS RISEN”—Christ Jesus purposely allowed his so-called enemies to try to destroy his body and his teaching, so that he could return three days later to prove that Life was never in a body nor even subject to material laws, and that good was never controlled by evil.  His resurrection is our resurrection!

Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, defines “RESURRECTION” as, “Spiritualization of thought; a new and higher idea of immortality, or spiritual existence; material belief yielding to spiritual understanding.”  (SH 593:9).  This lie must yield to Truth’s omnipotence because, ‘HE IS RISEN!”

Christine Driessen