Christian Science Association

Mary Baker Eddy provided for on-going support of students after class through annual Association meetings. Teachers present a day-long address on a particular metaphysical topic and answer questions about the healing practice. During the preceding year, students research and prepare the metaphysical assignment for that year to further their spiritual progress and deepen their understanding of this healing Science. A recommended Association dues is listed in the section for Association members as support for this ongoing activity.

Mrs. Eddy has made a provision for guests to attend these Association meetings if they have already been taught by a qualified Christian Science Teacher and their teacher is no longer available to teach. There is also a recommended contribution for guests attending our Association to help with the cost of hosting this talk.

In some instances, it is possible for a student whose teacher is still available to attend as a guest if it proves impossible for them to attend their own Association. However, it is highly recommended that students attend their own Association each year since their teacher is the one who knows best how to support their progress and can continue to help them build on the foundation the teacher has already laid. When students make every effort to attend their own Associations and support that sacred day through prayer, it inevitably strengthens their ability to heal.

If you are interested in attending as a guest, you may contact Christine Driessen at