Spiritual healing, based on the Science of God, Spirit, and demonstrated by Christ Jesus, is available to anyone.  Jesus proved that God’s law governs the universe and maintains us in perfect health.  He taught that anyone who believed in him would do the same healing works he did.  Mary Baker Eddy discovered this Christianly scientific system of healing when she was healed by studying Jesus’ healing works. 

Mrs. Eddy guides readers to a better understanding of the healing power of the Christ, and our unbreakable relationship to God, infinite divine Love, in her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Many people have been healed simply by reading this book.  For those who need more support in learning how to rely exclusively on prayer for healing, there are Christian Science practitioners; and for those wanting to dig deeper into God’s law books—the King James Bible and Science and Health--in order to become healers themselves, there are Christian Science Teachers.

Christine Driessen has been in the full-time healing practice of Christian Science for 27 years and a teacher for 19 years, lecturing internationally on Christian Science for 15 years.  However, she says her confidence in this divine system of healing comes from a lifetime of relying exclusively on prayer for healing.  She invites you to explore this site for more answers to your questions!