Christine's Fees for Christian Science Practitioner Services

Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Christian Science demonstrates that the patient who pays whatever he is able to pay for being healed, is more apt to recover than he who withholds a slight equivalent for health."  (Mis. 300:29–32).   "Expectation [of healing and regeneration] speeds progress." (SH 426:8-9).  Paying as treatments are given, with the expectation that God’s healing power is effective, can greatly strengthen the success of prayer.

It is helpful to understand what Christian Science treatment is and what it is not:   

  • Christian Science treatment is an awakening from the dream of life in matter to an understanding of God, Spirit as the only Life eternally.  We reflect Spirit, so health is our natural state and cannot be lost.  As thought changes, the physical manifestation is wholeness.
  • Christianly scientific healing requires regeneration and purification of our thoughts, motives and actions. "Healing morally and physically are one." (Mis. 300:32).
  • It is NOT "mind over matter"—praying to get rid of something or to get something. It is NOT "faith cure", giving only temporary or uncertain relief.  It is permanent, reliable.
  • It involves NO human, material or medical opinions, treatment, or supplement, but instead heals entirely and exclusively from a spiritual basis.
  • Healing in Christian Science requires unwavering obedience to God's laws—loving God, Spirit with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, instead of loving the material world and self; and loving our neighbor, including even seeming enemies, as Christ Jesus demonstrated.
  • Christian Science is not only therapeutic but also preventative, and enables patients to “be their own physician.” (SH 144:27).

My fees are as follows:

  • The fee for a day’s treatment is $100. This applies for each call with a new challenge.
    • When you receive treatment, it continues working for you and doesn't end at midnight! Be sure to give the treatment some time to take effect in thought.
  • If it is necessary to give more than one treatment, subsequent days will be $80 each day. 
  • Pregnancy and delivery cases will be handled on a case-by-case basis; delivery is $200/day
  • The fee for a consultation to ask questions about how to pray or how to practice Christian Science is $80 for 30 minutes or less.  For longer than that, $100.
  • The fee for an in-person visit of one hour is $150, plus travel costs ($.575 per mile), if the patient needs to be visited in their residence rather than the practitioner's office.
  • Outside the U.S. and Canada, where compensation is lawfully permitted, the initial fee will be $50 and fees for subsequent treatments $40.   Or you may pay what you are able to pay.

If you need financial assistance to pay your bill, there are organizations such as NFCSN (National Fund for Christian Science Nursing -; (800) 873-2843) or High Oaks (; (610) 543-1840) , which can assist you financially.  However paying even a small amount towards your bill, valuing the “pearl of great price” being shared with you, speeds progress.  Payment methods:

  • ZELLE: This is the preferred method of payment.  Most banks use it today—it has no fees and transfers are immediate. Please send to my alternate phone number: 617-733-9470. For a list of banks using Zelle:
  • Venmo (no fees) – send to 617-680-6066 or
  • By check or cash

Patients will be billed on the 1st and 15th of each month, though you may also pay immediately after treatment if you so choose. 


“In seamless gratitude I weave a silent, healing prayer,

with shining threads of ceaseless joy;

For man is God's great heir.”  

(Christian Science Hymnal, 146)