The convergence of three lights in human consciousness

On Monday, many people sought out high spots out of range of artificial lights so that they could catch a glimpse of two stars--the planets Saturn and Jupiter--converging to produce a bright light in the sky. As two friends of mine climbed a hill to get a better vantage point, they said that the clouds that had been hiding the night sky parted, and there was the bright star produced by that convergence!

It reminded me of another convergence we are celebrating today with Christmas and with the Christian Science Bible lesson this week on "Christian Science" -- the convergence in human consciousness of three lights in the heavens: Christ, Christianity and Christian Science.  Unlike the two small planets, these three lights are infinite in scope, power and brightness.  

This convergence does not fade after simply a few moments or days.  This light of the Christ Truth is here to stay, eternally present, always in operation, forever blessing all mankind, because the virgin birth of Christ Jesus and His promised Comforter, the divine Science of the Christ, reveal God, Love, as our real Father-Mother and each of us as God's precious, beloved children!  

This light of infinite Good fills all space, so there cannot be, nor has there ever been, any darkness of evil and suffering.  God, ever-present Good, is omnipotent, so there cannot be, nor has there ever been, any opposing power or influence to impede the healing power of Good.  The light of this pure goodness is the only reality of our being.   

There is no place in this universe that this convergence of light is not seen and felt.  The clouds of personal sense or the physical senses may seem to be hiding this light, but if we are praying daily to purify and spiritualize our love and gratitude for God and for God's creation (each one of us), and looking with joyful expectation, we too will see those ephemeral clouds of material sense dissolving to reveal that healing Christ light shining in the hearts of everyone we meet, everyone who comes to thought, and everyone needing to feel the healing power of that infinite light.

Are we expecting to see it?  Are we looking for it everywhere?  Then we can rejoice with exceeding great joy, for we will too will be blessed by this healing light of God's Love.  Hallelujah!

May your Christmas be filled with the light of this healing Christ love!

Christine Driessen