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Christine Jenks Driessen, C.S.B.

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List of Published Articles
Articles and testimonies written for the Christian Science Publications.
Healing with scientific certainty
A blog post written for the Christian Science Committee on Publication for New York.
The Soul of Medicine - Spiritual Perspectives and Clinical Practice
Christine wrote a chapter on Christian Science for this book. See this flyer for a discount.
You can also view the chapter here.
The Universal Christ
A blog at
Sermon on the Mount - Readings
Christine's Wednesday Readings focused on the Sermon on the Mount 2016


MBE Mentioned Charles C. Bonney
Podcast "MBE Mentioned Them" Episode 45, 01/01/16
"...a more expansive love..."
High Ridge House Annual Meeting, 09/15/15
Also available as PDF document
God’s Unspeakable Gift – the Christ Love
Christmas Eve Lecture sponsored by Third Church of Christ Scientist, New York City. 12/24/13
Medicine and Prayer - Part 1 Part 2
Christine Driessen interviewed by Connie Coddington, CSB
Medicine and Spirituality: the new dialogue ( live chat)
Interview with Dr. John Peteet of Harvard Medical School about his book, "Soul of Medicine".
Also on the interview was Christine Driessen who wrote the chapter on Christian Science.
February 6, 2012
Infinite Resources Talk at Principia
January 21, 2011
Christine's Daily Lift Recordings
Christine participates in the Daily Lift podcast series.
Most recent recording: Appealing to a higher court 10/3/13
Interview : San Francisco radio station
Interview by KEST-AM
My arranged marriage
Podcast at
TMCYouth Audio
List of podcasts on the TMCYouth site.


Building Bridges - Sharing Christian Science
Healing Violence through the Christ Love
Lecture filmed in Bellaire, TX. November 29, 2012
Healing with Scientific Certainty through the Christ
Lecture filmed in San Luis Obispo, CA. March 6, 2011
Infinite Resources
Lecture filmed in Houston, TX. May 21, 2011
Peace Building
Talk at Principia Public Affairs Conference. March 24, 2012
TMCYouth Video
List of videos on the TMCYouth site.

Lecture Handouts

  • Building Bridges [PDF]
  • Healing with Scientific Certainty through the Christ [PDF]
  • Infinite Supply, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Opportunities [PDF]
  • Mary Baker Eddy - Recognition of the importance of her contribution [PDF]
  • Christian Science Treatment [PDF]