Christine's Fees for Christian Science Practitioner Services

Christian Science healing involves more than just changing the human or physical picture.  It requires regeneration and a purifying of our thoughts, motives and actions.  Since suffering, depression and loss are all mental, anyone can make those things go away—for a while, but then they seem to return.  Or even if a physical problem is eliminated, there seems to be an ever-growing number of other physical problems which follow in their wake. Making problems go away is simply "mind over matter" but it is not Christian Science.

Christian Science treatment is an awakening from the dream of life in matter to an understanding of God, Spirit as the only Life eternally and realizing that this spiritual Life is naturally manifested in health, peace, harmony and love to our fellow-beings. If you are simply looking for relief from pain but do not want to have to change your own thinking and bring it into conformity to the Christ love, then you probably will want to explore other forms of treatment besides Christian Science.  Loving God, Spirit, with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, and loving even our enemies as Christ Jesus demonstrated, is crucial to healing in Christian Science and to lasting, permanent cure!

  • The fee for a day's treatment is $100.
  • If it is necessary to give more than one treatment, subsequent days will be $80 for each day. 
  • In certain countries outside the U.S., the initial fee will be reduced to $50 and subsequent fees will be $40 a treatment.
  • The fee for a consultation to ask questions about Christianly scientific healing is $80 for a 30 minute call.  A 30-60 minute call is $100.
  • The fee for an in-person visit of one hour is $150, plus travel costs ($.575 per mile), if the patient needs to be visited in their residence rather than the practitioner's office.

Christian Science is not only therapeutic but also preventative and enables patients to govern their own thinking and experience, and therefore to demonstrate that health is natural to them.  Consequently, once patients find healing for the first purpose of their call for help, if they seek treatment for other future challenges, the fee will again be $100 for the first call.

"Expectation [of healing and regeneration] speeds progress", our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 426:8-9.  I give treatments one day at a time and we can both expect healing and freedom now.  Mrs. Eddy stressed the need for patients to value the treatment they are receiving because gratitude to God, the Healer and our only true Physician, as well as gratitude to the practitioner are necessary for spiritual progress and healing.  

If a patient is facing financial challenges to paying the full bill, there are organizations which help offset the cost of these bills, however each patient should be ready to pay something each week, no matter how small.  Provisions are made for payments by Zelle (no fees) or Paypal (fee) or Venmo, as well as by check or cash.  Patients will be billed on the 1st and 15th of each month for easier payment and record keeping, unless they are receiving continuous treatment throughout the month, in which case they will receive one bill at the end of the month.

Zelle – enables you to pay bills without any added fees.  Many banks offer Zelle for payments and here is a list of them: